First Startup accelerator in AgriFood Tech in Cuyo.


To invest in AgriFood Tech projects which collaborate in guaranteeing sufficient and quality food for future generations of inhabitants in Argentina and the world. Specially focusing on innovation, technology, care for the environment and the man´s work, by man and for man. #DeMendozaalMundo.

Overview/What we offer

To accelerate your startup in the first HUB of entrepreneurs in the world of AgriFood Tech in LatAm. Early adopters, mentoring and business roundtables. Matching with companies, producers, and key partners in the agribusiness world. Access to funding through LODAR funds and other key investors in our ecosystem.

Apply now

If you are willing to get muddy, put your feet in the mud and dream with your eyes set on the future. This contest is for you.



We leave you here some answers, however, do not hesitate to write us at hola@espaciolodo.com for more information.

We invest in scalable projects that provide technological and innovative solutions in the world of AgriFood Tech, throughout its value chain. Early stage ventures, MVP -Minimum Viable Product- validated with sales and problem solution fit.

We are looking for innovative ventures, with an aspirational degree of sustainability, in the following axes:

– irrigation / water footprint

– sustainable agriculture / circular economy

– mechanization

– human talent management / intensive crops

– new business models, marketing and logistics of primary production and processed products.

– digital transformation & industry 4.0 applied to the agriculture, beverage, and food value chain.

– biotechnology and scientific advances applied to the food industry.

LODAR invests in pre-seed to seed stage projects with tickets from U$S 50,000.

For projects in more advanced stages, LODAR has strategic partners in the main Agtech investment rounds in LatAm.

LODO is the first innovation and business HUB in the agribusiness world. LODO is where the heart of the entrepreneurial ecosystem beats. LODO is where ideas are born and the networking which makes them possible is enhaced. LODAR is the tool to empower those ideas and turn them into triple impact businesses.

LODAR will open its first AgriFood Tech startup competition in February 2023.

However, if you have a project in our vertical axe and are ready to get your feet in the mud, write to us at hola@espaciolodo.com.

We look forward to meeting you! And why not, change the world together.

Our Startups

Soon we will be sharing in this section the work and effort of Argentine entrepreneurs, for a better world.




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